Easy transition from smoking to vaping eliquids

Every change is hard to start but worthing the struggle! The transition from smoking to vaping eliquids may seem to be difficult, but actually it is very easy, fun and also delicious and cheap, if you follow these steps.

1. Learn everything about vaping eliquids
Before starting, you have to find out everything about vaping eliquids and you can search for info on web or you can ask an ex-smoker which is actually vaping about his experience with e-cigarettes. If you are searching on web, some of the opinions may not be relevant, especially if they’re coming from a non-smoker or someone who never tryed e-cigarettes before. You can find many articles with everything about vaping and lots of premium eliquid flavours on FreeSmoke.co.uk.

2. Make a list with pros and cons about vaping eliquids
You can easily make the switch from smoking to vaping eliquids if you always remember that it is an upgraded experience, with less harm for your health and loved ones around you, with a better taste, less damage for your home and surroundings and also pocket friendly. Having this in mind will help you to encourage yourself in doing this step, then quit smoking for good, as many people already did. Also, vaping eliquids is safe for your children because vapors are not harmful such it is the smoke from a classic cigarette, because nothing is burning here. Eliquids are bottled and closed with a special childproof cap, so they won’t be able to open it, even if it is smelling very tasty because of it’s flavour. Vaping eliquids can be less dangerous for your health because some of the producers allow you to choose the amount of nicotine in your eliquid, so you can choose from 0 mg nicotine to 6 mg or more, as you need.

3. Make it tasty!
Once you decided to make the switch, make sure that you are using the best products on the market, for the best experience. Switching to vaping can be a tasteful experience if you dare to try different flavours of eliquid for your e-cigarette. You can find many premium eliquids inspired by natural flavours of fruits like strawberries or cherries or special mixed flavours such as  “Red Mint” combining melon, sweet strawberry with strong mint, at FreeSmoke UK Vape Shop. The fun part about vaping eliquids is the fact that you can mix up your favorite flavours to make new combinations everytime, so you can never get bored about a taste or flavour.
Have yourself an easy transition from smoking to vaping eliquids and make sure that you follow the steps and the leader.


  1. The major benefit in switching to vaping is not to smoking anymore. A traditional cigarette discharges around 4,000 chemicals; over 70 that cause mouth and lungs cancer. 2 liquids are widely used in food and medicines like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Ecigs has less health risks.

  2. With the vape kits, you can get more fun in your vape life. If you’re looking to switch from a traditional cigarette, the atopack magic can change the transition process. With hundreds of voopoo drag 2 kit at varying strengths to choose from.